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[mkdf_section_title type="standard" position="" title_tag="" title_font_weight="" disable_break_words="no" subtitle_tag="" enable_separator="yes" text_tag="" text_font_weight="" title="Seefeld Active" subtitle="Seefeld as your versatile holiday destination" text="Seefeld is an Olympic region. What does that mean to you? Being there is everything! The Olypmiaregion Seefeld offers you nature and recreation areas, which you can use as a way of playing. The calm and tranquillity prevailing there leads to Seefeld being interpreted as a spot of earth where "the world is still in order." In Seefeld you can spend a stylish holiday in a unique environment. You can make the most of puncto sports and leisure programs. You can stroll through the pedestrian area in a relaxed way, treat yourself to a souvenir in the boutiques or put everything on a map in the casino. You can indulge in culinary delights, unwind or participate in events. You can, you can, you can — we want you to do it. Seefeld is exactly what you make of it.

See you in Seefeld!"

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