Mozartstraße 13, 80336 München

Formular und Weiterleitung

Our arms and the doors of our apartment are open for you!

In Munich we are saying 'Servus'!

With this 'Servus', a greeting that is said at any time of the day or night, we want to express the joy with which we welcome you to our flat. Our main goal is that you feel very comfortable in our flat. But actually, we don't just want you to feel at home, we want you to become a temporary resident of Munich. We are doing a lot to make this happen. For example, we'll give you all our insider tips and tell you where the life of the Munich locals takes place. With these tips in your luggage, you can be sure that you will be able to walk the paths of the real Munich people and get to know Munich through the eyes of a local. We want you to see our beloved Munich from our perspective. We want you to become a temporary Munich resident yourself!
your apartment

love for details

High-quality materials, modern forms and a well thought-out room concept ensure that our flat has a unique atmosphere. And this atmosphere is intensified even more when you notice the many little things that have been placed with great attention to detail. Thanks to this 'certain something', our flat becomes a real living dream. And while we're on the subject of dreams, why don't you just lie down - we have a box spring bed in which you can dream about your experiences made in Munich.

insider tips

Experience our never-ending hospitality, which does not end with us after a successful booking. We say that it only really begins there, because for us the anticipation of you, our guest, is the most beautiful joy. You feel this hospitality in all our words and deeds. You will not only receive the necessary information, but also first-hand insider tips.
you will not regret it

Throw a glance inside

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