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Seefeld, Innsbruck and Sistrans.

Feel the pulse of the heart of the Alps!

With Innsbruck and Sistrans you have two places where you can really feel the pulse of the heart of the Alps. In Innsbruck you can experience the unique combination of city and mountain. Innsbruck also offers you a variety of different sights: from a 'golden roof' to a triumphal gate and the highest zoo in Europe. Another great destination is the Nordkette, which you can either hike or take the Nordkettenbahn (cable car). From there you can enjoy unique views of the city of Innsbruck and its surrounding peaks and valleys. Such views that you will certainly also be able to see our Apartment in Sistrans. Sistrans- that's right, you can also visit us there. And one thing is for sure, dreams will come true there, because the surroundings of Innsbruck offer you countless nature and recreation areas, where you can move around endlessly. The peace and tranquillity that reigns there lead to Sistrans being interpreted as a place where 'the world is more than just fine'. As you can see, the natural offer leaves nothing to be desired. You can also draw on the full range of sports and leisure activities. You can stroll through the nature, treat yourself with a coffee in the small town and just lose you soul in the mountains. You can let yourself be spoilt with culinary delights. You can take part in events. You see already: you can, you can, you can - and we want you to do. Because Innsbruck and Sistrans is exactly what you make of it.
feel the heart of the Alps.

Joseph und Maria

Our apartments are located in the middle of Innsbruck. A city, which is hardly to be surpassed in versatility. Experience the alpine flair in the midst of an urban yet familiar ambience.
the balcony of Innsbruck.


Far above the roofs of Innsbruck there is an apartment of a special kind. From there you can enjoy numerous views.
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